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 Cockpit Workshop Professional 1.0

download 262 Kb    Marc Aarts   date: October 14, 1999

This Cockpit Workshop can edit all the known and previously unknown items in the GP2 cockpit display. This includes all the things covered by the CPD Designer, LCDTool. Everything is possible using the navigator, or an easy-to-use drag and drop system.

CWS only supports the UK English version of GP2.EXE

 GP2 Edit for Windows Version 1.82

download 420 Kb    Steven Young   date: September 21, 1999

GP2edit allows you to create single file car sets which can contain all cars, helmets, wheels, names numbers and performance data, custom cockpits, sound effects, track adverts and much more...

New in version 1.82 :

- Updated contact information.
- Added 'Autofile' feature.
- Added extra buttons to toolbar.
- Improved Car bitmap handling from main screen.

Other features :

- Edit team/engine names, performance and reliability.
- Edit driver names, numbers and performance.
- Grid and race calculators to aid performance editing.
- Disable up to 2 drivers/cars.
- Replace car graphics with your own bitmaps.
- Replace helmet graphics with your own bitmaps.
- Preview new car bitmaps in 3d.
- Set high or low nose cones.
- Edit pit crew colours, pit lane position and speed limit.
- Edit cockpit/mirror/wing colours.
- Replace wheel graphics with your own bitmaps.
- Replace all Sound effects with your own WAV files.
- Edit helmets used on 'Choose Driver/Team' menu.
- Edit Onboard camera views.
- Replace all other texture files used in the game.
- Edit how easily cars get damaged.
- Edit Cockpit design and gauge layout (with CPD v1.3 support).
- Store up to 8 spare drivers in a car set.
- Display driver 1 as 1 or 0.
- Choose which driver aids are available.
- Set players car power, or make it use the selected team power.
- Set quick race length.
- Adjust players and computer cars weight.
- Change players tyre grip.
- Set the initial fuel load in practice and Qualifying sessions.
- Edit the championship points awarded.
- Set the number of laps in a 100% race.
- Load/save single team files
- Load/save performance text files.
- Create self installing DOS car sets.

GP2edit supports all game versions and should work on all Windows versions running in 256 or more colours.

 GP2 Cockpit Designer Version 1.4

download 305 Kb    Marc Aarts and Robert Kimber   date: September 8, 1999

GP2 Cockpit Designer is a program to alter the GP2 Cockpit gauge layout. You can use GP2 Cockpit Designer to place your cockpit gauges anywhere on your cockpit which means you are not bound to the strict GP2 Cockpit layout anymore.

A must have for the serious cockpit designer!

New features:

- Many small changes and enhancements
- Many bug fixes and optimizations (No external libraries anymore)
- Plug-in support
- Display Selector
- Cockpit Options Editor

Plug-ins developed by Marc Aarts and Ingo Serf:
- Beta LCD Editor plug-in for the cockpit designer : download 156 Kb   
- Small tools plug-in (gp2nocd/mphfix/gp2split) : download 170 Kb   

 Ale's Record Editor v1.2

download 341 Kb     Alessandro Carrera   date: June 30, 1999

An utility to edit laptime records in Gp2. I need it when I change my tracks order.

 GP2 Track Info Editor

download 16 Kb     Viktor Gars   date: March 19, 1999

You can edit the info text in the Track File with this GP2 Track Info Editor

 Image Track Editor

download 174 Kb    Fabian Zanoni   date: March 13, 1999

Image and menu Track Editor for GP2

 GP2LCD Display Editor version 0.95b

download 491 Kb    Damien Legros   date: December 28, 1998

GP2LCD display editor allows you to change the solid display of your cockpit.

- Fixed some problems
- PCX support
- Import data from LCD files

Things to edit:

- Change "SPEED" data, "FUEL" data position etc.
- Change gauges, rev lights etc.

 GP2Cockpits Modeler

download 216 Kb    Damien Legros   date: November 10, 1998

GP2 Cockpit layout, size and position editor (change "REPLAY" logo size and position on the cockpit without crash ....).


download 174 Kb    Jeroen van Soest   date: November 10, 1998

CamEdit2 is a Windows 95 program that can edit any camera on any circuit.
Things to edit:

- Distance from S/F line (was X-coordinate)
- Distance from centre of track (was Y-coordinate)
- Height of the camera (was Z2-coordinate)
- Switch Moment
- Zoom Factor (was Zoom Factor 1)
- Zoom-out Factor (was Zoom Factor 2)
- View Range Before (was View Range 1)
- View Range After  (was View Range 2)

NOTE: The NOCDROM patch is required for this util.

What's new in version 2.00 ?

- Version 2.00 is the Windows 95 version of CamEdit. This version is very basic, but import & export options will be added later. A windows help file will be added and a combobox to select the tacks/circuits real fast! The combox is shown, but doesn't do anything.
- Changed the names of the columns.
- Deleted the Z1 comlumn.
- Deleted the UK1 column.
- Deleted the UK2 column.

 Grand Prix 2 Object Editor v1.0 BETA

download 388 Kb    Arjan Wijnveen   date: May 12, 1996

GP2 Object editor allows you change the characteristics of the objects alongside the track. Like marshals, buildings, signs etc.
Features in Version 1.0:

- X Coordinate Movement
- Y Coordinate Movement
- Height Coordinate Movement
- Rotation of Objects
- Object Changing

NOTE: You'll need Robert Kimber's GP2 Checksummer to use the changed files in the game.

 GP2 Edit version. 1.8

download 114 Kb    Miles Walsh   date: Februari 18, 1997

This program allows you to edit the relative performances of the Drivers and Cars in GP2. It ONLY affects the Computer Cars - it has no effect on your car. You can also edit a few other bits and pieces.
You can edit: Team BHPs for Race and Qualifying; Car Reliability; High or Low Nose design cars; Driver Grip in Race and Qualifying; Driver and Team Names; Driver Car Numbers; Available Driver Aids at each of the five difficulty levels; Quick Race Length; Colours shown on the Cockpit View for each team; Opposition Level, Weighting and Car Realism On/Off; Random Player Car Power On/Off; Pit Lane Garage Order; Pit Crew Colours; Player Car Power and First Car No (0 or 1)

 GP2 Editor v2.12b for Windows

download 239 Kb    Slobodan Blanusa   date: December 5, 1996

This update solves the performance bug of v2.12.

With this util you can change everything: performances, names, numbers, colors etc.
It supports all languages of GP2.

New in version 2.12b:

- Players BHP, car weight, number 0 for first car, showing computer car fuel load and nosecones from GP2EDWIN
- Performance manager
- Helmets bitmap editing
- Converting all jam files with gp2jam
- Improved cockpit and pit crew colors dialog boxes

 GP2 EdWin 1.1 for Windows 3.1/95

download 263 Kb    Andrzej Barganski   

Game editor for Microprose's Grand Prix 2.
Features: It can change the computer cars engine power and drivers grip for all sessions, the probability of car faillure, the player's car engine power, the nose of a car, the pit box order, the aids in all game levels, the weight of a car, the driver numbers and names, the team and engine names, the cockpit color, the speed limit in pit lane, and a few other things.

 GP2 Computer cars performance editor v1.1

download 13 Kb    Andrzej Barganski   

This small utility allows you to change some GP2 settings like: maximum engine power in sessions, drivers' grip and car failures.