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 GP2lap version 1.11

download site    Frank Ahnert and Rene Smit   date: November 14, 1999

New features:

Fixed At the Line and added more functionality.
Added several .cfg options for At the Line.
Rotating track map.
VGA support for track map.
Added several .cfg options for the track map.
Adjustable GP2Lap screen output height.
F8 is freeze screen without "paused" message.
Rcr values explained.

GP2Lap is a real-time extension for GP2. Its main function is simply logging data within GP2. The current version will log vital information for online competitions, e.g. processor occupancy. There's also a feature that displays useful information on the screen while you're driving the car. Future versions of GP2Lap will contain additional features; just check the GP2Lap home page regurarly for updates.

GP2Lap also contains ipx network support for GP2's dual-player link mode.

 GP2Lap Windows Front-End 1.11

download 58 kb    Ingo Serf   date: November 14, 1999

An updated Windows Front-End for GP2Lap 1.11

 GP2 Track Handler v1.5

download site   v6 runtimes 1 Mb    Viktor Gars   date: October 21, 1998

A easy to use track manager program for Windows.

- Change menu pictures (bmp and gif support)
- Supports carset EXE files from Steven Young's GP2Edit, you will be able to export them at the same time as the track settings
- Change Track names and contrys
- Change Nr of laps in a 100% race (Min 3 Lap's Max 126)
- Change track length in the menu's (+-1m) you will get the right average speed etc
- Copy track files to GP2
- Support of English, France, Dutch, Italian, US, German and Spanish versions of GP2 (All known version of GP2).
- Automatic GP2 version detector
- Export and Import best lap times for every track
- Save best lap times in a database
- Change GP2 settings
- Jam Checker
- And More

 Gp2 Import/Export pictures into menus

download 67 kb    Guido van de Water   date: October 6, 1999

2 batch files that make it easy to import/export menupictures for GP2

 LCDTool 1.01

download 30 kb    Ingo Serf & Marc Aarts   date: October 3, 1999

Text based Cockpit Editor for Grand Prix 2. With this tool you can import/export all the cockpit related values stored in GP2.EXE. It only works with the UK english version of GP2.EXE

 GP2form creator

download 15 kb    Erik van Brakel   date: October 3, 1999

This is a very useful utility for people who make extensions for gp2 (and in time for gp500 and gp3). It is used to make gp2form.txt files. If you think that's just a thing you have to do, here's something to make it easier.

 Gp2start Version 1.1

download 90 kb    Tony Persson   date: September 18, 1999

Updated utility to change between two set of car and tracks setups (indycart or formula 1)

 GP2 RZcode for DOS 1.03

download 10 kb    Ricardo Zamith   date: September 4, 1999

A utility to help GP2 leagues to control the repeating of races. It patches race files, and with an internet page becomes a very usefull tool


download site    René Smit   date: August 25, 1999

F1LapView is a graphical viewer for GP2Lap extended GP2 saved races. Right now, it should be compatible with all versions of GP2Lap.


download 241 kb    Stefano Ciccarelli   date: July 2, 1999

A Windows 9x front-end for GP2Lap. Allows you to easy configure GP2Lap and then launch it with the new config file.

 GP2 Track Install Wizard 3.0

download 0,98 Mb    Jon Clarke & Fabio Bresciani   date: June 27, 1999

A powerful utility to make the distribution of GP2 files easier: supporting Carsets, cockpits, menu maps, JAM files and tracks.

 Fragata Track Manager 1.6

download 976 Kb    VB6 Runtimes     Fernando Oliveira   date: April 30, 1999

Track manager and automatic lap time recorder.


- Support for JAD files


- Change tracks (name, country, laps, menu bitmaps) of your Gp2 game.
- Save and edit track packs.
- Manage multiple player/car lap time database.
- View/edit and export your lap times from a grid.
- Automatically update your lap time using Gp2Lap.
- Log all your play time information.
- Install new tracks directly from zip file.
- Automatic patch using gp2nocd.
- Edit track information.
- Automatic car setup management, keeping last car setup used on each track.

 HTML-Form Generator

download 112 Kb    Ingo Serf   date: April 17, 1999

It's a tool with which you can easy create HTML-based forms for every racing game you want.


download 12 Kb     Mal Ross   date: March 27, 1999

JAD2JAM file conversion utility is a utility to help make the size of track distributions smaller by allowing easier installation of JAD files. JAD2JAM converts the GP2 .JAM files which can't be compressed to .JAD files which can be compressed very well. Read the included textfiles for more information on this program and how to use it.

This util is part of the Grand Prix 2 Open Source Project.

 Ferrari Season Review

download 4 Kb    James Frankland   date: January 14, 1999

1998 Season Review with Ferrari. Remember McLaren's dominance in 1988? This is how Ferrari should have done in 1998.

 WinHipic Pro v1.4

download 600 Kb    Fabio Bresciani   date: December 22, 1998

WinHipic Pro is a Win95 interface for Gp2hipic (included under permission of Frank Anhert in the Zip file). WinHipic Pro makes easy to change Gp2 background pictures.

 Season Calendar Displayer Pro v0.1 (SCD Pro v0.1)

download 19 Kb    Robin Day   date: October 22, 1998

SCD is a small DOS program that displays all the F1 calenders in order from 1950-1998.

 GP2 CC Car Pitstop Sanity version 4.0

download 19 Kb    Brett Knuchel   date: October 18, 1998

GP2 CC Car Pitstop Sanity is a DOS util that will make CC Car Pitstop Strategies realistic where the number of laps has been changed.

 WinHipic Pro v1.2

download 475 Kb    Fabio Bresciani   date: October 15, 1998

WinHipic Pro is a Win95 interface for Gp2hipic (included under permission of Frank Anhert in the Zip file). WinHipic Pro makes easy to change Gp2 background pictures.


download 6 Kb    Marcus Kollmann   date: September 05, 1998

Gethipic is a batch file which makes it easier to install pictures with GP2Hipic by Frank Ahnert
You will need Gp2hipic to use this batch file.

 Random Conditions for Windows 95 V 3.00b

download 408 Kb    Ingo Serf   date: August 22, 1998

Tool which runs Grand Prix 2 after randomly choosing a sky jam, copying it into the gamejams directory and randomly running a gp2edit wet race patch. New version better than ever, now with selection menu and Options and Info screen. You will need the VB5 runtimes for this util. Click Here to download the runtimes if you haven't already got them. (680 Kb)

 F1 Career Update

download 476 kb (Update v1.00 to v2.01)    Arturo Bazar   date: July 21, 1998

F1Career was designed to be used in conjunction with F1 simulation PC games such as ‘Formula One Racing Simulation’ and ‘Grand Prix 2’. It allows you to begin a career in F1 as a driver in one of the lower teams and then based on your performances work your way up season after season towards the top teams. So basically you enter your results from ‘F1RS’ or ‘GP2’ into F1Career and then the program reviews your performances and offers contracts for the next season.

 GP2 Car Shape Selector Frontend

download 6 Kb    David Richards   date: July 12, 1998

A small util which allows you to quickly change between carshapes created with Paul Hoads carshape editor.

 GP2 Hipic for Win95 v1.12

download 340 Kb    João Neto   date: June 04, 1998

GP2 Hipic for Win95 is a util to easily insert new background pictures in GP2.

 GP2 Checksummer v1.1

download 7 Kb    Brett Knuchel   date: May 31, 1998

A checksum utility for GP2 data files.


download 17 Kb    Brett Knuchel   date: May 24, 1998

PEFCHG is a util which allows you to quickly change the peformance of Computer Cars accross the field to make them more or less competitive. It also allows for a change in player settings.

 Onboard Cameras

download 7 Kb    Geordie Pugh   date: April 03, 1998

This file contains new onboard camera positions
You will need GP2Edit v1.8 to use them in the game.

 Gp2 Date Editor v1.2

download 503 Kb    Damien Legros   date: March 14, 1998

Gp2 Date Editor allows you to change the sentence "1994 performance" from the drive options menu to a different year.


download 12 Kb    Brett Knuchel   date: March 4, 1998

A utility that allows you to change the track records saved in F1GSTATE.SAV. Compatiable with Trackmanager by Armin Krausse.


download 3.9 Mb    Arturo Baz   date: February 28, 1998

F1Career is a program that can be used with Grand Prix 2 or Formula One Racing Simulation. Basically it tries to create a career mode for these 2 games when you play a championship. You begin you career in one of the lower teams and then depending on your performance you are offered contracts during the second half of the season from other teams.

 Camera positions for all new Tracks

download 7 Kb    Armin Krausse   date: January 14, 1998

This file contains new camera positions for the new tracks that come with the Instant Access Track Pack.
You will need Camedit v1.3. to export them to the game.

 PCX Dump v 9.31 - Shareware

download 146 Kb    Jesper Frandsen   date: January 11, 1998

A great util with which you can create screenshhots from GP2 or any other DOS program.
This version will fix the problems PCXDump had with Windows 95.

More information can be found on the PCX Dump Homepage

 Camera positions for Silverstone

download 2 Kb    Roel Verwer   date: December 21, 1997

This file contains new camera positions for the 1997 Silverstone track
You will need Camedit v1.3. and the Instant Access Track Pack to use them in the game.

 Camera positions for Paul Ricard

download 2 Kb    Maurizio Giacobbe   date: December 21, 1997

This file contains camera positions for the Paul Ricard track.
You will need Camedit v1.3. and the Instant Access Track Pack to use them in the game.

 Camera positions for Brands Hatch

download 2 Kb    Herbert Matzke   date: December 9, 1997

This file contains camera setting files for Brands Hatch.
You will need Camedit v1.3. and the Instant Access Track Pack to use them in the game.

 Track Pack CC Update v1.1

download 17 Kb    Ross Neilson   date: November 28, 1997

The Track Pack CC update contains two files:
An Excel document which contains a new set of track specific values (CC set-up, tyre and fuel consumption, and tyre compound) for use with the new tracks provided by Instant Access's "Perfect Grand Prix Track Pack and Game Editor".
The other file is a GP2Edit performance file.

 Camera positions for Old and New tracks

download 14 Kb    Mauricio Vega   date: November 24, 1997

This file contains camera setting files for use with Camedit v1.3. You can simply import the new positions into Camedit.
It contains almost all the the original tracks and some of the new ones included in the Instant Access Track Pack.

 Camera positions

download 5 Kb    Kari Koski   date: November 24, 1997

This file contains camera settings for the Melbourne and A1-Ring tracks.
They're in text format and can be used with the Camera Editor that's included with the Instant Access Track Pack.

 Cameras for Melbourne track

download 2 Kb    Andrey Voronin   date: November 8, 1997

This ZIP files contains a textfile with all camera positions on the Melbourne Track.
You need the Instant Access Track Pack for the track, and Jeroen van Soest's Camedit version 1.2 util to export the positions to GP2.

 GP2Button v2.0

download 22 Kb    Michael Baumgartner   date: May 18, 1997

With GP2 Button you can use your Joystickbuttons to emulate keystrokes in GP2 (and other games).
It allows you to define buttons and keys and to store the configuration in a config file.

 GP2 Checksummer version 1.2

download 116 Kb    Robert Kimber   date: April 20, 1997

Many GP2 files have a 2*2 byte checksum placed at the end for control purposes. Should the checksum be wrong, GP2 will not accept the file. GP2 Checksummer is a Windows95 shell to calculate and/or patch the 2*2 byte checksum.
New features:

- high speed improvement when calculating or patching files
- F1system.dat filter added
- Modemlst.dat filter added
- removed a couple of bugs

 Performance Data creator V1.0

download 11 Kb    Martin .T. Hughes   date: April 10, 1997

This util creates GP2 performance data from real F1 results (Qual/Race laptimes) I have included files of type:- Works, Excel, 1-2-3.
It prints out the table at the bottom of the sheet for you to put into any editor.

 GP2 Carset Batch File

download 1 Kb    Joaquim Calainho   date: April 7, 1997

This is a batch file you can use for Pieter's carsets. With this file, you can easily switch between the sets.

 CD box covers

download 61 Kb    Sami Länsipaltta   date: March 18, 1997

Do you have the European version of GP2? Then you probably still have the CD inside an empty CD-box. This file contains two pics which you can print out and put in your CD box.

 GP2 S3 Speed Up

download 28 Kb    Arturo Bazar   date: February 24, 1997

This ZIP contains S3 VBE/Core 2.0 Version 3.11 and S3 Speed Up Version 3.02 made by Dietmar Meschede. Arturo bazar created a batch file with which you can easily load the utils before starting GP2. It lowers the occupancy with 5-10% if you have a S3 graphics card.

 GP2 playtime logger v1.3

download 25 Kb    Petri Tuominen   date: January 7, 1997

This is a program that keeps a log of time spent with GP2. As you probably know, GP2 tells you the time you spent with it after you exit. This program grabs that information and adds it to its own log and then prints the amount of TOTAL time spent with GP2.
GP2TIME v1.3 works with the english and german version of GP2.

 WAV Extractor / Inserter

download 17 Kb    Maracich Giorgio   

This program allows you to extract the sounds of GP2 from the file to WAV files. This way you can listen and edit the sounds of the game.

 S3 Videocard accelerator

download 10 Kb    Dietmar Meschede   

This program speeds up transfer rates from Videocards with a S3 processor. Read the S3spdup.doc for explanation.