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 Windows Sounds

download 563 Kb    Kevin Shelley   date: November 28, 1997

New Start & Shutdown sounds for Windows.


download 44 Kb    Andy Marson   date: July 15, 1997

A new Windows 95 Start up screen that will replace the original Windows screen.

 Jordan Grand Prix Screensaver

download 1.409 Kb    Tikkaoja   date: May 12, 1997

A nice Jordan Screensaver for Windows.
It's not a GP2 product actually, but I've had many requests to put it online. So here it is.

 E-race Windows background

download 208 Kb    Daniel van Dijk   date: June 2, 1997

This BMP files is a Windows background bitmap based on the E-race logo. Designed for 1024x768 display.

 Grand Prix 2 Desktop Theme for Windows 95 v2.1

download 1.217 Kb    Piero Fidanza   date: May 8, 1997

A nice Theme for Microsoft Plus! based on Grand Prix 2. It contains new icons, sounds, cursors and more.
New: new icons, cursors, wallpaper, and startup, shutdown and turn-off pictures.

 Windows Background Images

download 199 Kb    Manfred Huber   date: March 12, 1997

Two nice pictures you can use as your background image in Windows.
The files are High Quality-JPEGs and have be converted to BMP-format before using them as background images.

 Start and End Pictures for Windows 95

download 93 Kb    Brian Quigley   date: February 10, 1997

New pictures that will appear when you start Windows 95 and when you shut it down.
(logo.sys, logow.sys and logos.sys)

 Start and End Pictures for Windows 95

download 77 Kb    Roy Kloss   date: November 30, 1996

New pictures that will appear when you start Windows 95 and when you close it down.
(logo.sys, logow.sys and logos.sys)

 GP2 Screensaver

download 96 Kb   date: November 30, 1996

A nice Grand Prix 2 screensaver for Windows 95.

 GP2 Icons

download 3 Kb    James Ariz   date: November 30, 1996

This ZIP contains a set of icons intended for use with GP2.
The FIA logo has been styled in various color schemes.